Armando Alemdar Ara

Art for Charity is absolutely thrilled to welcome Armando Alemdar Ara to the Art for Charity Gallery in mid April 2013.

Armando Alemdar Ara is an immensely well respected artist and art theoretician.

Armando is a co-founder of Neomoderism, an artistic movement which aims to promote spiritual and aesthetic values through art. Armando's work is influenced by his readings on Aesthetics, Mythology and Philosophy. Armando's work draws the viewer in with subtle colours, layered forms and intricacies. His artworks are engaging and often very mysterious.

Armando Alemdar's abstract pieces grow from figurative sketches to stunning complete paintings. His initial sketches are analysed and a more realistic artwork is developed. From here Armando works to create his finished piece. These artworks are large, abstract and bursting with colour and form. Armando's artistic style is easily recognisable and stylistically unique.

Armando's works can be found in several galleries across London and Britain. Exhibiting regularly for over ten years Armando Alemdar has developed a strong following of art lovers across the globe and his paintings form a key part of many significant international collections.

Art for Charity is proud to also offer a range of Armando Alemdar's works in strictly Limited Edition's of 25 Prints signed and numbered by the Artist. Art for Charity also offer a range of Armando Alemdar's original oil on linen paintings.

Click the link to view Armando's Signed Limited Edition Prints and Original works