Gary Morrow

In the autumn of 2012 Gary Morrow agreed to join Art for Charity.

Morrow, born in Glasgow in 1974 was relatively late in entering the art industry. In 2008 he left a successful career in multimedia design in order to dedicate his time to painting. Gary has always been passionate about art and has spent a vast quantity of his time over the past decade or so studying art history and the past masters techniques.

Gary Morrow's influences range from the Italian greats such us Caravaggio and Titian to the more naturalistic styles of the world famous Glasgow Boys. Gary feels his work has been particularly shaped by George Henry and William Guthrie, both part of the Glasgow Boys.

Gary's growing reputation and wider acknowledgement of his beautiful works led to an invitation to become a member of the prestigious Glasgow Art Club which he duly accepted. Morrow was also recently added to the 35th edition of 'Who's Who in Art' and continues to attract increasingly high profile galleries across the UK.

Gary now has a considerable and loyal following of admirers, with demand for his still life and portrait works increasing year on year.  Morrow's portraits displayed in our gallery are wonderfully elegant whilst maintaining an understated tone. The works, typically depicting a female figure in a museum or art gallery are detailed pieces of very fine art.

Art for Charity is delighted to offer a range of Gary Morrow's works in strictly Limited Editions of 25 Prints signed and numbered by the Artist and also in original form.