George Muir

Art for Charity were proud to welcome George Muir to our Gallery in 2012.

Muir spent most of her childhood in a small historic old mining town in Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland. After completing High School, George moved to Edinburgh to study Interior Design at the renowned Edinburgh Art College. It was here that George's artistic talents were honed which formed the basis for her eventual career in the professional art industry.

After graduating from Edinburgh Art College she trained as an art therapist however soon moved in to painting full time in her Edinburgh Studio. She now exhibits across Scotland and the UK.

George cites her childhood and the tight community that she grew up in as being a great source of inspiration for her. She is continually intrigued by our 'sense of place' and our relationship with it.

By using oil and acrylic paint she builds considerable depth, texture and colour in her work. Her exquisite pieces are beautifully crafted, the work of a truly skilled artist.

Art for Charity is proud to have available a range of George Muir's landscape and still life pieces in a strictly Limited Edition of 25. The prints are individually signed and numbered by the Artist.

Click the link to view George Muir's Signed Limited Edition Prints