Georgie Young

Art for Charity welcomed the well recognised Scottish artist Georgie Young to our Gallery in 2012.

Whilst living in Ayrshire Scotland, Young taught art like many of her current peers. Her passion for painting never waned during those years and she continued to produce her evocative landscapes. Georgie now lives and paints in Edinburgh.

Young's dramatic works pay tribute to the landscape of her home nation. Her unique style captures the atmosphere and essence of a scene whether it be mountains, moorland or coastline. Georgie focuses on observing the mood in her chosen scene, interpreting it and improvising during the painting process.

Georgie originally built her reputation upon the painting of predominately Scottish subjects however, in recent years the colourful landscapes of North and Southern Spain have featured more heavily in her work and continue to attract more and more attention. Furthermore Georgie Young's ability to produce striking still life works only adds to her standing as one of Scotland's finest artists.

Art for Charity is delighted to display for sale a range of Georgie Young's landscape and still life pieces in a strictly Limited Edition of 25 Prints signed and numbered by the Artist. A number of her works are also available in original form. 

Click the link to view Georgie Young's Signed Limited Edition Prints and Original works