Stephanie Rew


In 2012 we were delighted to welcome Stephanie Rew into the newly established Art for Charity initiative.

When discussing her artistic inspiration Stephanie refers back to her days at Art College, citing Alison Watt and Jenny Saville as her key influences. Furthermore her interest in the Old Masters techniques and traditional Baroque styles shaped her artistic education. Stephanie explains 'Caravaggio's trademark uses of chiaroscuro and strong colour created by glazing techniques has inspired my work for the last decade.'

Stephanie has developed a great reputation across the UK and overseas since graduating from Duncan of Jordonstone Art College in 1990. It was here that Stephanie's fascination with dance, movement and art developed.  This connection still holds great importance to her today.

Stephanie's interest in physical movement and her talent for figurative painting complement each other perfectly. She has received acclaim (namely the RGI New Artist Award, 2009) for her paintings in various styles however she is best known for her studies of the female figure. 

Stephanie Rew's works are now readily sought after for both private galleries and public collections. P &O Ferries, Royal Bank of Scotland and Standard Chartered plc for example have all invested in Stephanie's works.

Art for Charity is proud to display and sell a range of Stephanie's figurative works in a strictly Limited Edition of 25 Prints signed and numbered by the Artist. Her latest additions come from her 'Kimono' series. These figurative works depict the female subject in a shy and reflective mood emerging from the darkness wrapped in Japanese dress, the Kimono.  Stephanie's delicate touch brings the Kimono fabric to life, bursting with colour and beauty. It is her focus and attention to detail that makes these pieces so exquisite. 

To hear Stephanie discuss further her painting style and inspirations click here.



Click the link to view Stephanie Rew's Signed Limited Edition Prints