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"I got involved in Art for Charity because of the work it does to help charities and the significant promotion of my work. On all aspects the Art for Charity team have delivered." Alasdair Banks

As an Artist involved in our initiative you can expect significant promotion online, at corporate events, at charity functions and through our marketing campaigns. Artists are paid promptly after any sale of their works. If as an Artist your work is produced as a signed limited edition you will be paid an agreed rate per signature and we will deal with the production.

Within Art for Charity's structure lies a wealth of experience in the Art industry. We respect and understand the Artist and work strictly and honestly under their guidelines. We always work in the Artist's best interests.

Originals will be sold at the market price with the Artist being paid the agreed percentage immediately after sale. Commissions we receive will be discussed on an individual basis.

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'Fear Not' - Alasdair Banks