About Us

Art for Charity was formed by two great friends on a train to Salerno in Italy.

Many entrepreneurs develop their business and give proceeds to charity but very few do so from the outset. Art for Charity is based on giving!

On arrival back in Edinburgh one of the founders approached two of Scotland's most successful artists who both agreed to support our project. At the same time the other founder approached Warchild through one of its' ambassadors. Warchild was quick to grasp the concept and Art for Charity was born.

Since those early conversations the Company has secured exclusive art from a number of prominent British artists. The sales and distribution of their works will ensure that a charity will always benefit.  

The mechanism is simple:-

Our pricing structure is based on the Gallery price and the Reserve price (click here)

- EVERYTIME an original or signed limited edition print is sold to a successful bidder through Art for Charity the difference between the reserve price and the bid price goes to a great charity of your choice.

Art for Charity will confirm immediately that your money is going to the nominated deserving cause. YOU will have made a difference!

The train journey for us was just the start. We have huge ambitions and need your support. Come with us on our journey, enjoy your new piece of exclusive artwork and know that you have supported a great charity!

'Brown Sails' - George Birrell